Steamed Chinese Pomfret (Tau Tai) with Shiitake Mushroom



This is one of the dishes I cooked on the 6th day of Chinese New Year for my friends.  It is simple and delicious.
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Simple Steamed Chicken with Chinese Sausage (lap cheong)


This is a simple dish which I got the idea from Wendy’s recipe on Steamed Chicken with Wax Meat.  I did not have wax meat and so I just omitted this ingredient.  Instead of shao xing wine, I substituted it with homemade red glutinous wine.  Overall it is still delicious and easy to prepare.  Thanks Wendy for sharing this simple and yet delicious recipe!

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Braised Ang Zhao Chicken with Arrowhead (慈菇/ngaku)



Ang Zhao in Hokkien is red glutinous wine lees (紅糟) and  is used in various Hokkien and Foo Chow cuisines.  Ang zhao  is the lees of the fermentation of  red glutinous wine .  I have few tubs of ang zhao which I really treasure and it can keep for years in the refrigerator.  I also blended some of the ang zhao to make it more fine and smooth.

Here is a simple dish using blended ang zhao which I cooked it on the 5th day of Chinese New Year.  Hope you all like it 🙂

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Sitiawan Ang Jiu Mee Suah 红糟面线 (Red Glutinous Wine Chicken Soup with Longevity Noodles)



Sitiawan is also popular for its Ang Jiu Mee Suah (Red glutinous wine soup with longevity noodles).  Red glutinous wine is mostly homemade and most of the residents in Sitiawan know how to made ang jiu.  Whenever we cook this dish, we usually use the local mee suah too.  As for me, I am used to Sitiawan mee suah.  So, whenever I go back to my hometown, I am bound to stock a few  packets of Sitiawan mee suah.

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Braised Sweet Sour Fish Maw (Ko Rue Foo Chow Style)



Having grown up in Ayer Tawar, Sitiawan (Perak), where the majority of the Chinese in Manjung are Foo Chows or Hock Chews, our lifestyle, more or less has been influenced by the Foo Chows, no doubt I am from a Hokkien family.  Foo Chow style sweet sour fish maw is a must during Chinese New Year and it is no doubt one of the best dishes we love.   Initially, my hubby could not get used to the sweet sour dish.  He used to be curious why most of the dishes in Manjung’s restaurants are sweet and sour; be it fish maw, sea cucumber, etc.  After so many years, he has got used to it and in fact quite like the sweet sour fish maw.  As far as I know, only the Foo Chow style fish maw is cooked sweet and sour.  Do correct me if I am wrong.

What is fish maw?

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King of Soy Sauce Prawns


Prawns symbolize happiness for Chinese especially when it is cooked during Chinese New Year. When pronounced in Cantonese, it is “haa” which of course sounds like laughter! So, let’s ha…ha…ha…ha… over this King of Soy Sauce Prawn which I adapted it from Nasi Lemak Lover. I cooked this yesterday; the 6th day of Chinese New Year when my good friends came to visit me.

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