Beetroot + Grapes Juice

Beetroot has had a great PR job over recent years, being hailed as a ‘super food’ by numerous experts.

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Stir Fried Swiss Brown Mushrooms with Chinese Leeks and Eggs

Mushrooms have a surprisingly high nutritional value. They are low in calories, cholesterol-free, fat-free, high in protein and fiber and low in sodium. Besides, they are also high in nutrients such as selenium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin D and more. 

With more than 14,000 kinds of mushrooms in existence, only 3,000 of those are edible and about 1,400 are actually recognized as poisonous.

Mushrooms are not only nutritious, they are delicious too! That’s the reason we love mushrooms; any type of mushrooms and I can cook it anyway I like! Here’s a dish of Swiss Brown Mushrooms with Chinese Leeks and Eggs.

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Homemade Roselle Jam

Roselle is known as Hibiscus Sabdariffa and is a species of Hibiscus.  It is known as the rosella or rosella fruit in Australia. It is asam belanda in Malaysia. In Chinese it is 洛神花 (Luo Shen Hua) . 

Roselle is becoming increasingly popular as a health drink as it has 

 high content of Vitamin C and is said to contain 3 times more Vitamin C than blackcurrant and 9 times more than citrus fruit. It is also rich in anti-oxidant properties (anthocyanins).
Fresh roselle has been found to contain vitamin D, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin B2 Complex, Vitamin A, Niacin and Calcium. 
Known benefits of drinking roselle juice:
– decreases inflammation of kidney and urinary tract. 
– good for arteriosclerosis and reduce blood  
– normalize blood pressure.
– stimulate internal peristalsis.
– relief cough and fever.
– for soft and smooth skin.

We usually make roselle juice by boiling the calyces in water for 8 to 10 minutes (or until the water turns red), then add sugar. It is often served chilled.  However this time, I decided to make roselle jam as my sister had given me a bag of homegrown roselle; 100% organic!

Stir Fried French Beans with Fried Tofu and Preserved Radish

French Beans (String Beans) is highly nutritious. It has the same nutritional benefits as other common beans such as lima beans, mung beans, kidney beans, pinto beans and navy beans. 

 It is easy to prepare and delicious no matter how you cook it.  Stir fry is one of it and it is especially tasty if stir fry it with preserved radish.  Instead of just the preserved radish, I also add deep fried  hard tofu.  Do try this simple and nutritious recipe 🙂

Stir Fried Manicai (Star Gooseberry) with Salted Egg

 In Hokkien, we call it Manicai. Whereas, in English it is called star gooseberry or sweet leaf and in Malaysia it is cangkuk manis, sayur manis, pucuk manis or cekur manis. I like Manicai but all these while I didn’t know that any excess amount of Manicai juice is bad for our lungs due to a chemical called alkaloid papaverine. Guess what? I have been cooking Manicai without squeezing out all the juice!

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Healing Miracle for Burns

 A young man sprinkling his lawn and bushes with pesticides wanted to check the contents of the barrel to see how much pesticide remained in it. He raised the cover and lit his lighter; the vapours ignited and engulfed him. He jumped from his truck, screaming. His neighbour came out of her house with a dozen eggs and a bowl yelling, “Bring me some more eggs!”

She broke them, …..